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Sequential Spelling

So, you think spelling is hard and boring and there is nothing much anyone can do to make it "un-boring"?

You think the average person can't really ever understand spelling, and "Who needs it?" if you have a spell-checker on your computer!

Think Again!!

You need Sequential Spelling for all these reasons:

Sequential Spelling is
  • incredibly inexpensive
  • comprehensive
  • effective
  • versatile
  • adaptable to suit your situation

What's more, anyone who wants to learn to spell can. That means:
  • You!
  • Your child or student as young as seven years of age.
  • Younger children who have had solid phonics instruction.
  • Gifted individuals
  • Learning challenged individuals
  • People for whom English is a second language
  • Teachers who possibly secretly don't really know how to spell because they never learned a logical method.
  • Executives, secretaries, authors - just think of the time saved by not having to look up words in the dictionary.
  • Even dyslexics! Did you know that the developer of Sequential Spelling is dyslexic and that is how Sequential Spelling came to be developed? Yes, that is a fact!

Forget endless lists of words to study for spelling tests! and
  • relieve stress for the student
  • build self-esteem
  • teach spelling through pattern recognition - the way the brain works best!

Sequential Spelling - a new approach that is quick and easy to use. In fact, if you choose the DVD version of the program, you, as the parent or teacher will have very little to do. Let the children learn on their own, quickly and accurately! Read in the Curriculum Overview all about the exciting features of the Sequential Spelling approach.

Sequential Spelling teaches a logical approach to spelling
Spelling often appears daunting and the rules seem to be endless! Let Sequential Spelling teach you a logical approach to spelling without rules to memorize, word lists to study, and feelings of frustration when you make a mistake. Learn from your mistakes!

The Multi-Sensory Approach
The AVKO name stands for Audio Visual Kinesthetic Oral.
Students learn with Sequential Spelling by:
  • Hearing (auditory)
  • Seeing (visual)
  • Writing (kinesthetic)
  • Repetition (oral)
  • Right brain approach that makes sense to students.
You need Sequential Spelling. It will help you and/or your students
  • build confidence and self-esteem
  • improve their handwriting skills
  • develop a love of English and words
Additional BONUS FEATURES of Sequential Spelling
  • Big #1 bonus for you, the busy parent or teacher: The program requires no preparation for the teacher and can be very easily customized.
  • Big #2 bonus for you, the person who wants to be financially responsible: affordable and economical, no matter which version you choose to use.

Rules, Rules, Rules! Who needs them?
Actually, neither you nor your students need endless rules and their exceptions when you learn the logical, patterning approach to spelling. The rules are followed in Sequential Spelling - you just don't need to memorize them and be bogged down by them to spell correctly. Think of it as freeing up brain space in your grey matter where there are already far too many rules filed away! If you really feel the need to teach the spelling rules, check out Customising Sequential Spelling for a terrific solution.

Who needs a spell checker when you have Sequential Spelling foundations?
Logic is saying - you need Sequential Spelling - right now! To confirm that wise choice, read more exciting details in the Curriculum Overview. Who knows, some day you might actually be able to read a newspaper that is not full of spelling errors because your budding writer is the editor. See you at the order page!

JOY Center of Learning is not the publisher of Sequential Spelling.
We simply sell solid, educational resources. Your comments are welcome.

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