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Sequential Spelling Level 3

Sequential Spelling Level 3 progesses to more challenging word family groupings.

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a sample lesson

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For students to be able to use Sequential Spelling 3 effectively, they should be able to spell these words: nephews, humming, scrubbed, inventing, prevention, skating, promotion, helpless, twinkle, begged, etc. Students who have successfully completely Sequential Spelling Level 2 are ready to continue on with Level 3.

• 180 daily lessons/tests
• 25 words per lesson
• ungraded approach
• immediate student self-correction
• careful sequencing of the patterns
• teaches prefixes and suffixes
• rules are embedded in the learning process

Want to know what family word groups are covered in this level? Check out the Scope and Sequence here.

If you are not sure whether your student should be using this level, have them complete the rough placement test. If after completing the rough placement test, it was recommended that you review this level quickly, we recommend that you have your student complete the Level 3 Evaluation Tests that are available for after every 40 lessons in the book. This will let you know what specific word families in Level 3 need addressing even if you do not need to complete the entire book.

Teaching Options for Sequential Spelling Level 3:
1. Sequential Spelling Level 3 Guide Book - And/Or -
2. Sequential Spelling Level 3 DVD

Workbook Options for Sequential Spelling Level 3 (choose 1):
1. Sequential Spelling Student Response Book
2. Lined paper or a notebook

Sequential Spelling Level 3 Guide
Click here to view a sample lesson
The Level 1 Guide provides you with everything that is required to teach 180 spelling lessons. It gives detailed instructions on how to go through a lesson so the student has the best experience possible. It also includes information that the DVD does not. The Guide includes an answer key for the Student Workbook and page references to "The Patterns of English Spelling." The words most important to learn for competency and fluency are bolded. The book is also handy to have as a back-up in case of machine malfunction, power outages, or travel. The book version will provide you with the ability to maintain continuity and not miss days.

Sequential Spelling Level 3 DVD
Have multiple children working at different levels of spelling? Are you extremely busy and don't have time to give a daily spelling lesson? The Sequential Spelling DVD program (computer only) is the way to go. It is entirely student directed. As long as they can start and stop the video they can do in entirely on their own. Check out the DVD Overview page for detailed information about the DVD program and sample video.

Sequential Spelling Student Response Book
Click here to view a sample of the Student Response Book.
The Sequential Spelling Student Response Book can be used with all seven levels of Sequential Spelling. Each student would need one Response Book per level. Each book contains 180 columns with 25 numbered lines per column - one line for each word presented each day. Due to its unique design, the student cannot see or use the previous day's words as a mental crutch, increasing retention. The student goes through the book from front to back 6 times. For example, for the first 30 lessons, the student uses the middle column on the right-hand pages. For the next 30 lessons the student uses the middle column on the left-hand pages.

While your student can use lined paper or a note book, the Student Response Book or the Student Workbook is very handy. All your student's work will be organized neatly and in a way that prevents him or her from seeing the previous day's work.

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